Evangel Temple was founded in 1927 and had its first building downtown on Bond Street. Under the leadership of Pastor Bud Williams and the dedication of many, the current location was built at 4190 Yonge Street in 1990.

The church was first formed around the excitement of what God was doing in the Pentecostal movement in the early 20th century. Something was happening in people’s hearts and soon a strong thriving faith-based community was established.

Many of its original trademarks are still evident today like an enthusiasm to share the message of Christ, an eagerness for prayer, a passion for the worship of Christ and excellent Bible-based teaching. It’s in our DNA.

With a rich charismatic history, Evangel Temple continues to show dedication to the work of the Holy Spirit through people dedicating their lives to follow Christ, healing and broken lives being restored.

Evangel Temple has taken this legacy and continues to build on it for future generations to take the baton and do greater things for God and reach out to this city and beyond its borders.

4190 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON  M2P 1N9
416-221-2330 | reception@evangeltemple.ca