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At some point, we believe at Evangel, that each one of us needs to be move beyond Sundays. To be better connected, we need to get know others and allow ourselves to be known. We have many opportunities to grow in community. Find out where you can fit and be a part of this great community of people at Evangel Temple.

Small Groups


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A network of smaller groups that meet in homes all across the GTA made up of people who attend Evangel Temple and who want to do life together as a caring community. It provides a closer-knit family atmosphere where you can grow in your walk with God, ask questions, share your struggles and your joys and help one another through daily life.

The format usually includes some snacks, singing, an encouraging message from the Bible usually prepared by the eLife group leader or someone else in the group, and you get the opportunity to give your feedback and share your thoughts in a fun and relaxed environment.

There are no requirements to become part of an eLife group. Whether you are still searching for that missing piece in your life, are brand new to the idea of God or a veteran of the faith you can join an eLife group right away!

Youth & Junior High


We meet on

Fridays at 7pm
Second Floor
The Upper Room

Contact our Youth Directors, Devan and Tammy to get connected!

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At Lit:Youth, we embrace and love young people from all walks of life. We believe that providing a safe place, filled with acceptance and providing a sense of home is key to influencing their lives for future success. Our goal is to lay down a strong and clear foundation of who they are in God’s eyes and help them find their true identity and fulfill their God-given potential by providing opportunities for them to exercise their talents, develop their sense of self in a healthy way and learn to be leaders among their peers.

Our Lit:Youth program offers an active, lively and engaging curriculum that helps firmly ground them in the Bible and teaches them how to authentically grow their one-on-one relationship with God. We also cultivate a way for our young people to get plugged in and become contributing members of our caring community. Food, fun, friends, cool music, adventurous outings and outrageously entertaining messages – what’s not to like?

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Young Adults (18 to 30)

We meet on

Sundays at 5pm
Second Floor
The Upper Room

Contact our young adults director, Daniel, to get connected!

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Redeemed is a dynamic and passionate group of people with an uncompromising thirst to make a dent in their generation and in this city for Jesus. As soon as you walk in, it feels like home and you’ll sense an openness to new people, new ideas and fresh perspectives from the Bible. In an age where identities are being swallowed up in the jaws of comparison and misleading concepts, Redeemed lives to equip and empower people to become die-hard followers of Jesus Christ and live out their God-given destiny at school, at work and on the world stage in freedom.

Gatherings are marked by vibrant music, an inspiring and challenging message and a love for God and one another. They like to change it up and have game nights, panel discussions involving all ages and backgrounds, movie nights, outings and mission trips to bring hope and love to those in need.  Come join the movement!

For Women

Masterpiece is the heart of the caring community made up of powerful women from all ages and backgrounds who gather together to deepen their connection to the love of Jesus and to one another.  We are real and tell our stories of how Jesus changed our lives, unashamedly revealing our struggles and our triumphs that made God’s heart smile. We offer hope and support to our sisters young and old and we are bold in our celebration of who God has created us all to be. You will find an atmosphere charged with inspiring teaching on life-giving ideas from the Bible and a genuinely warm and inviting atmosphere of fun and friendship.

Masterpiece is a strongly connected group who generously shares their time, talent and resources to make an impact through their work with the North York Pregnancy Centre and other outreach programs in the city.  It’s also a time for hardworking women and mothers everywhere to let down their hair, put their feet up and have some much-deserved “me time”. Come be refreshed!

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For Men

Man Alive is Evangel Temple’s ministry to men of all ages who want to quit the lone wolf life and join the brotherhood. It’s a place to belong, to be mentored and to learn more about what it means to be male, a son, a brother, a husband and a father. There’s food, ridiculous amounts of friendly trash-talking, sports, breakfast meetings, weekend retreats and people who can help you with the things that you’re struggling with behind the scenes. Gain respect and recognition for your God-designed destiny and the unique skills that you bring to the table. Learn how to become an effective part of a community that actually cares and hit this city hard with the power of Jesus’ love and hope – you can make an impact and leave your mark as leaders!

Don’t waste anymore time having to deal with this thing called life on your own. Man Alive will give you a place to belong and provide the solid-rock principles from the Bible you need to grow even stronger for your adventures ahead.

Contact Ben Ogunleye to get connected!



Evergreen is a vibrant group of people ages 55+ who are an integral part of our caring community.  They meet to encourage one another and delight in the depth and maturity of their relationship with God and one another. This ministry enthusiastically engages in home visits, hospital visits and lives to bring hope and love to those who are going through a vulnerable time. Evergreen often meets for sit-down luncheons accompanied by a special musical guest and a rousing message of hope.  They also go on day trips to Niagara and other places to experience the joy of being together. This is also a group of powerful intercessors who are passing on their invaluable experience and hard-won wisdom to the generations behind them.  Evergreen has blazed the trail for many talents and destinies to grow and continue to flourish themselves.

Contact Pastor Philip to get connected!

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